Wim Hof Breathwork Method

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What it is

The Wim Hof method consists of a breathing technique with the following sequence of steps: 30 deep breaths, breathing faster than usual (controlled hyperventilation); hold the breath at neutral lung pressure for as long as possible; inhale (about 15 seconds) with full lungs.

What to expect

This method not only controls heat in the body, but also improves the immune system, sleep and mental health. Through concentrated breathing and cold treatments, a person can literally control their nervous system.

Take a short, quiet inhale and exhale through your nose. After exhaling, clench your nose to keep the air out. Start a stopwatch and hold your breath until you feel the first definite urge to breathe in. When you feel the first urge to take a breath, resume breathing and note the time.

How to practice the Wim Hof breathwork

Where and when to do it

You can do this breathing exercise in the morning before breakfast. Sit in a comfortable position and make sure you can breathe in and out easily. Perform three circular approaches. When you have finished, you will feel collected, calm and warm in your whole body.

Never practise this exercise in the water, while driving or in any other situation where fainting could put you in danger.