What is Manifesting and What Does it Mean?

What is Manifesting and What Does it Mean? | Zennow
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Manifesting means manifesting in reality what you want. Why do we need to learn the art of manifestation? Did you know that we create our reality every day with our thoughts, our actions, our feelings? This process is often unconscious and unknowable by us in its entirety.

In short, it is a new incarnation of the idea that thoughts are material, and if you express your intention correctly, the Universe and higher powers will help it to come true. It is not very clear where the term comes from, but the concept itself didn't arise yesterday or even a year ago.

The so-called law of attraction - get what you think about - is one of the variants of magical thinking that people have been subject to from ancient times to the present day.

That is why various pseudoscientific teachings reared their heads at times when people are uneasy and fearful and are looking for something to fall back on. It is enough to remember the heyday of obscurantism that occurred in Russia in the 1990s. Tellingly, at the beginning of the pandemic there was a renewed interest in Anatoly Kashpirovsky. Thirty years ago he was hosting popular "health sessions" on television and now on his own YouTube channel.

The Problems With Manifesting

One of the essential problems with manifestation is that it does not take into account the experiences of people whose thoughts are inherently negative, such as those struggling with anxiety, depression or other mental health problems. For example, some people may worry that by thinking that something bad will happen, they will inadvertently make it happen. In this sense, manifestation can worsen someone's physical reality, so this practice should be treated with caution.

In short, it's the new Shut up, I'm manifesting! / Vox incarnation of the idea that thoughts are material, and if properly expressed, the universe and higher powers will help it come true.